CARICOM Foreign Ministers Meet With Deputy Secretary Of State H.E. John Sullivan

In an important meeting on Thursday 27th September 2018, CARICOM Foreign Ministers met with Deputy Secretary of State H.E. John Sullivan.

The extensive exchange geared around climate change and disaster risk reduction, financial and banking services, security, migration and education amongst other issues.

Minister Brantley intervened on behalf of the group to present on the health matters in the region. In his brief remarks, Honourable Brantley highlighted the heavy economic burden of non-communicable diseases on our region, noting the alarming statistics on the high mortality rates attributable to NCDs.

Minister Brantley also beckoned the call for a new paradigm of the criteria with which small, economic and environmentally vulnerable states, which have graduated to middle and high income status, are eligible for development assistance. The meeting ended with a dialogue on the avenues CARICOM and the US Government can advance its technical cooperation frameworks.

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